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Centreville, DE 19807


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  • Emily R. Woodson, M.Ed., CFP®

    Partner, The Financial House

  • Valerie Bartleson

    Planner Assistant to Joseph D. Blair and Emily R. Woodson

  • Joseph E. Biloon, CFP®, AEP

    Partner, The Financial House

  • Joseph D. (Joe) Blair, CFP ®, CLU

    Senior Advisor, The Financial House, Radnor PA Office

  • Donna Camacho

    Planner Assistant to Robert D. Griesemer

  • Robert D. Griesemer, CLU, ChFC

    Partner, The Financial House

  • Joanne Lombardi

    Planner Assistant to Robert S. Pennartz, A. Duer Pierce, Jr., Leo E. Strine, Gary L. Ulrich

  • Ilene Meyers, FLMI

    Receptionist/Operations Manager

  • Mary Padilla

    Planner Assistant to Joseph E. Biloon and Robert D. Griesemer

  • Cindy Pennartz

    Office Manager

  • Robert S. Pennartz, CFP®

    Co-founder, The Financial House

  • A. Duer Pierce, Jr., CLU, ChFC, AEP, CAP

    Founder, The Financial House

  • Debi Rucker

    Sr. Registered Financial Planner Assistant to Joseph Biloon, CFP®, AEP® | Partner

  • Leo E. Strine, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, MSM

    Director, The Financial House

  • Gary L. Ulrich, Jr., CFP®

    Director, The Financial House